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Welcome to Epic Duel (ED) Wiki!

This is a wiki about AE's newest game... EPIC DUEL!!!

Epic Duel is a game originally created by Epic Inventions and they now have a partnership with Artix Entertainment.

Important Note

This is to tell you all that I have moved this site to www.epicduelwiki.com. I think that that is a more suitable site. Please edit and create pages on that wiki instead of this one! --White tiger 20:30, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

New Releases

Dec. 11, 2009 - Epic Duel is availible for ALL players/people!

                     - Varium (Upgrades like ACs in AQW) is now ready to 

                       be bought!

                     - The Founder's Duel Master Armor is released!

Dec. 03, 2009 - This Wiki is created!

                     - Epic Duel is LIVE!


Visit the Epic Duel homepage at www.epicduel.com

You can play Epic Duel at http://www.epicduel.battleon.com


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Note From White_tiger, Head of ED Wiki

Hello people, I woulds just like to say that I can't do this by myself! I need a group of people by my side to check this website often, to keep updating the pages and to prevent vandalism. I need a group of Sysops! If you want to be a Sysop, please post an entry form on my talk page! The for should include your Epic Duel username, your ED Wiki username and reasons why you want to be a Sysop! (Sysops are like Moderators!) Make sure to tell all your friends about Epic Duel and about this wiki!

-W_T, Head Administrator

More Coming Soon!

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